Can you lose weight just by walking?

Can you lose weight just by walking

Yes, you can lose weight just by walking. However, the amount of weight loss and time required to achieve it depends on your walking style and more.

Many studies show that brisk walk for 30 minutes every day can have a major impact on weight loss. You can easily start losing weight within days.

The reason is that when you do brisk walking your heart rate starts increasing. This increased heart rate helps to burn fat, as a result, you lose weight.

So, the main key is to sweat. Brisk-walking helps you break a sweat. When you sweat every day just by walking you will naturally lose weight.

Above all, walking is very simple and easy. It does not require much effort. You can easily use a treadmill for walking or you can go to a park and walk. Also, you can walk to your school or office instead of taking a ride. This way to you will easily get rid off all the unwanted fat and calories stored in your body. Also read about Body fat and cholesterol

Benefits of walking

  • Friendly on joints

Walking is the best way to lose weight while protecting your joints. Many strenuous weight loss exercises put a lot of pressure on your joints. These exercises although, reduce weight rapidly but they can cause injury or be extremely tough on your joints in the long run. However, with walking there is no such issue.

When you walk, you have to carry your own body weight so your joints are not impacted too much. It is like a low-impact workout.

  • No money needed

If you want to lose weight you will either use diet pills or patches or equipment. Now all these things don’t come for free. You have to spend money to buy pills and patches. Similarly, you have to spend money to either buy equipment or join a gym. So, only after spending money on these things you will start noticing some positive results. Also, slimming pills can cause side effects because most of them contain chemicals that are harsh on your system. So, they are not safe for consumption.

Slimming Pills for weight loss

However, with walking you can start with zero money. Yes, you don’t need any money at all. Instead of buying a treadmill or joining a gym to use one. You can start by walking around your house, or in the nearest park. You can also walk to your office or college. Don’t take the car or any other ride, use your own feet. That will be helpful.

  • Heart-friendly workout

It is a heart-friendly workout. Sometimes when you are in the gym working out and sweating, you tend to raise your heart rate at a dangerous level. It is not good at all. You want to lose weight, not trouble your heart.

So, when you walk at your own pace, you know when to stop. This is good for your heart. It does not raise your heart rate at a dangerous level. You can breaks as you want. You are not in a marathon, you are just trying to lose weight. So, it is a low-impact workout that has positive results.

  • Continue for a long time

One of the main problems of exercising is that when you do too much of it, you get drained physically, emotionally and mentally. There comes a point when you just hate going to the gym and you look for excuses to avoid it. With walking, there is no such problem.

As you will not drain and strain your body physically and mentally, you will be able to continue with this exercise for a long period of time. You will not look for excuses to avoid it.

  • Do it according to you

You can walk whenever and wherever you want. There are no compulsions and restrictions. If you want, you can walk for 30 minutes a day (brisk-walk) or if you want you can walk 1 hour a day (slow-paced walk). If you want, you can walk two or three times a day, just fit it into your schedule.

You can walk after lunch or dinner, or you can go for grocery shopping and walk there. That is also exercise. Basically, you are being physically active and that’s what’s important. You can walk however you want. You can walk with your friends or your family. You can go shopping in a mall and walk there. So, the options are endless.

Do remember, no one is judging you. You are doing it for your own health. Do you remember that episode of friends where Rachel and Phoebe use to go for running in the morning? They ran like free birds like nobody cares. That’s exactly my point. You are a free bird. Do as you please. Your health is your priority.

  • Walk at home

You don’t want to go out – no problem. Just do it at home. In your own comfort and privacy. There are many youtube channels that upload fitness related videos. Some videos even show 1 Mile Walk at Home etc. So, just play one of those videos and start following them.

They are trained professionals. These people know what is good for you and how you can achieve the maximum benefits with walking at home. They know what kind of walking steps will lead to weight loss. So, if you are bored of doing just 1 simple walking step then you can always do some other exercise.

Is Losing Weight Easy?

Yes, losing weight is actually very easy. All you need is just a little bit of will-power and patience. Increase your physical activity, don’t be a couch potato and you will notice positive changes in your health.

You know something, when you eat and eat and eat and do not burn off those calories then it gets stored in your body. Excess stored fat puts a lot of pressure on your arteries. This causes heart problem, blood pressure, diabetes, joint problem, insomnia, impotency etc. These diseases are dangerous.

Just imagine, by making simple lifestyle changes like walking every day, you can easily overcome the risk of developing these deadly diseases. You can live a healthy and long life. This is the best way to be happy and healthy.

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